Sunday, October 24, 2010

Avoid Spam!

If you're a freebie hunter and coupon-er like me I'm sure you HATE getting spam emails and unwanted phone calls.

To cut down in this be sure to create a separate email address that you use for offers, giveaways, etc. You can get one free through Gmail (plus Gmail is awesome at sorting out spam emails from legitimate ones -- although it does make mistakes now and then so be sure to check your spam box if you don't see something you were expecting).

Also, many offers require you to provide your phone number. Most offers from legitimate companies do not sell your information and use it for demographic purposes, but every once in a while you end up getting annoying calls from unknown you would rather do without. To cut those down be sure to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry at . Once you register, you can file complaints against telemarketers who call after 31 days of your being listed. (Note: be careful though that your filing complaints against unwanted third party telemarketers and not against the company whose offer you signed up for with your phone number).

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