Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: Get an Entertainment Book

I have written about Entertainment Books before, but in case you missed it these are gold! Entertainment Books used to be sold as part of a fundraiser, but now you can buy them at any major bookstore (Barnes & Noble and Borders carry them) and some drug stores (our local CVS has them). They are usually $35 retail, but if you go on the Entertainment Book website you can usually get them for a better deal. And they are well worth the initial investment if you use them right.

The Entertainment Books are filled with coupons for everything from dine in restaurants to fast food and takeout, travel, shopping, movies, buying flowers online and a whole lot more. The coupons vary from year to year based on what retailers are willing to offer and the books vary by region, so be sure to by the one for you area.

Our local Entertainment Book has saved us on restaurants (usually 2 for 1 dinners), movies tickets (set price for movies! usually $6.50 or $7.50 at the different theaters), mall stores (New York & Company, Wet Seal) and last year there were even Safeway coupons for $5 off your purchase. It also has coupons for activities like mini-golf, Dave & Buster's, and other recreational facilities (golf courses, rock gyms, etc). You might even find coupons for sporting events and local playhouses (ours had a few).

In addition to the coupons in the book, when you register your Entertainment Book online with the unique membership number on the card that comes in your copy, you'll get access to additional coupons and deals. Some online goodies are free Snapfish prints, Target and Best Buy deals, and additional local area deals not in the book.

The price you pay is well worth the money you'll save. Better yet ask for one as a gift!

UPDATE!: I received an email today (1/3/11) from Entertainment Book and right now ALL of their books are on sale for $20.11 and you get free shipping! (the books usually retail for $35). Check it out here.

This is a great deal, so be sure to snag yours up so you can start your New Year's savings!

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