Friday, January 21, 2011

Denise Austin Get Energy! Book Review

First, let me say a big thanks to Anna over at Hachette Books for the opportunity to write this review. I have been working hard on my winter reading list to bring you reviews of some great books and she has contributed to the process.

Denis Austin's Get Energy! is a breath of fresh air in the realm of health and fitness books. It goes beyond just creating a workout plan and sticking to it, to understanding how to be self-aware of your motivations, increase your energy levels, and creating balance.

The book begins with a self-evaluation that helps you target the real source of your lack of energy and points you to the appropriate chapters later in the book to help you specifically with your troublesome source. My self-evaluation revealed that my job was an energy zapper. Suggestions in my relevant chapter include finding ways to be flexible, manage my time, and learning to say no.

Beyond simply addressing these energy zappers, the book also provides a stretching routine to help you stay energized throughout the day, a list of 100 Simple Pleasures that will help keep you motivated, and the book ends with your personal energy plan worksheet and a 14 day pep plan to get things jump-started.

I have to say, I really loved this book. I found it motivating, helpful, and well-written. This is not your cheesy, run of the mill fitness book. It takes a practical approach to finding the areas of your life that are dragging your down and finding ways to manage and overcome them - both physically and mentally. 

If your looking for a good read to put your New Year's Resolutions into motion or just trying to find more energy in your life, I strongly suggest you check this one out. Give the 14 day plan a shot, and I bet within a few days you are feeling better, more balanced, and well rested the same way I did.

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