Sunday, February 6, 2011

*HOT* Free Movie Ticket on HomeRun

Head on over to HomeRun to get your FREE Movie Ticket from Go here and you should see something that looks like the screen shot above. When you click get it FREE you'll be taken to a screen that will let you checkout. It asks for your credit card info, but does not charge -- it's for verification purposes. (Some people report that they use empty VISA gift cards and it works fine for them, but I haven't tried that). After you checkout, you'll get a confirmation screen where you can view redemption details. It will give you a code to enter on to get your free ticket.


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Anonymous said...

Have you actually used this, though? I received one of these in the mail from a friend overseas, but it looked like spam to me, so i checked on line and it appears to be, or at least has been reported to be spam that tries to get your -- and apparently DOES get your -- email address to sell to spammers and credit card info.

I'd love to hear that you used the ticket and have had no spam in your account. Would you kindly let us know? Thanks!

Endlessly Frugal said...

My husband and I both received codes and were able to use them on (it still charges you the handling fee and you can only use one at a time). I know some people have had concerns about it being spam. When it asks you to share the deal with people you have to be careful, because it will ask to access your email address book and if you are not paying attention to what you're clicking can send it out to everyone in your book. You can just hit skip or keep hitting continue without giving your email password. I have never allowed it to access my email and haven't been spammed by it. I definitely think if you use HomeRun though to be very careful about what you're clicking as you navigate through it. Hope that helps!

GaryG said...

The free movie tickets offer is a scam! It's devious ... they want to steal your e-mail address book and your credit card number.

At least they didn't get my credit card but unfortunately they got my addresses. Many of my friends have received multiple 'Free movie ticket' offers from these slime. As my Gmail address was also stolen, I received a few at that address.


Dana said...


I'm sorry that happened to you! I've received a few things from Home Run with no problems and no spamming my address book. It's a shame that there's no consistency. I have stopped posting offers from Home Run in general because of all the concerns that have been raised about the site and this one expired a while ago.

I hope you keep reading and find some other great deals though!


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