Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Note of Deals and Freebies

I've heard from some of you that you are not receiving some of the freebies you've requested or have trouble getting certain deals. I just wanted to make a few general comments that might be helpful.

I do my best to only post legitimate freebies and deals. Ones that I either have requested myself or would request myself. I use my best efforts to ensure that when I post something I use accurate and current information. My intent is never to mislead my readers or to post anything that will spam you -- I hate spam and I'm sure you do too. If you ever find that something I've posted is incorrect or you have a problem, please let me know!

That being said, here's a few things to keep in mind when you're requesting freebies:

  • Many times freebies or deals are "of limited quantities" and "while supplies last." Sometimes the offeror gets an overwhelming response (because let's face it, who doesn't love a good deal?). If that is the case and the limit has been reached, you might not receive something you've requested.
  • Along those same lines, the offeror does not always notify individuals when the limit has been reached or if it has been reached at all. Some places turn off their forms, others don't. So just know that even though you requested something, you might not get a follow up.
  • Not all freebies come. Sometimes addresses get put in wrong, things get lost in the mail, etc. Because most promotional items are sent at a different mail rate, not much effort is put into trying to get items to the recipient (or sometimes they say your name "or current resident" flagging it as not necessarily an important piece of mail)
  • Freebies are usually either one per person or one per household. If you request it more than the allotted times, it might cancel ANY freebie to be sent to you.
  • Some freebies you have to qualify for through either "liking" a Facebook page or answering a short survey -- if you don't fulfill the requirements, you might not get the freebie
None of this is to discourage you from taking advantage of the great deals and offers from manufacturer's, just some words or caution in case you don't get everything you request. I probably get about 70% of the items I sign up for, but sometimes my friends get ones I didn't. 

Happy deal hunting!

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