Monday, October 11, 2010

CVS Extra Care Coupons and Deals

Whenever I would go into CVS, I would always walk right past the red price checker display. A while back I found out that if you scan your extra care card there it will print out coupons you can use in the store that day. A lot of times they are for products that I might not have stopped in for, but sometimes you can really luck out.

The other day I went in and got two coupons. The first one was $5.50 in ExtraBucks. If you don't know what extra bucks are they basically function like a gift card that you can use toward your purchase (certain things like gift cards and tobacco are excluded and listed on the coupon). I also got a coupon for $5 off any Halloween costume or decoration. Since I had went in there to get snacks for some guests who were coming into town, this worked out pretty well.

I got 2 bags of Salt & Vinegar Chips @ $2.39 each and a Halloween themed canister of caramel corn @ $5.00. I used the Halloween coupon on the caramel corn which left our balance at 4.89 after tax. I had to add
a pack of gum to the order to get the balance above $5.50 so I could use the $5.50 ExtraBucks, but the grand total ended up being $0.66! Would have been less if I picked cheaper gum!

If you don't have an ExtraCare Card you can get one in any store or you can sign up on the CVS Website. They also have a lot of other great deals with your ExtraCare Card so be sure to look for the signs in their store or your sale papers.

AND as an additional discount, until 10/17 you can get 20% of everything through their online store! Just use code CVSBOO at checkout and you get free shipping for non-presciption orders over $49.

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