Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23: Free (or really cheap) Magazines

I love reading magazines. There is just something about being able to just sit back and read it in hard copy and not on a website. But I hate how expensive magazine subscriptions are!

Here are some ways to get FREE or super-cheap magazine subscriptions:

  • Rewards Gold: you earn free magazine subscriptions by filling out surveys about products you use. You will follow a link, put in your basic info, and then they will ask you to give feedback on anywhere from 1-4 questions. The feedback blurbs are short (usually about 50 words). They never ask for your credit card information for the magazines and I have never received a bill for any of the subscriptions I have received from them. You'll earn enough points on the particular survey your presented with to get the subscription. They usually begin coming with 6-8 weeks.
  • Mercury Magazines: I haven't personally used this one, but I know others who have. You put in your information and can qualify for certain magazines for free.
  • Tanga: Tanga offers daily deals at discounts. Many times they offer magazine subscriptions. When you look on their page you will see the subscriptions are usually $14.99 BUT they almost always have discount codes that take the price of the subscription down to only a few dollars. I try to post them on this blog as I find them, but a quick google search should let you know if there's a code.

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