Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26: Thrift Stores

Despite whatever preconceptions you may have about thrift stores, they are a treasure trove of great finds. This past weekend I scored a lazy susan for only $2! We've also been able to find brand new sheer curtains for under $1, real silver flatware, and crystal candy dishes.

You can look in your area for local thrift shops. Some common ones are Goodwill, Salvation Army and ARC Thrift Stores. Many churches and charities also sponsor church stores or opportunity shops that will use the money earned as part of their fundraising efforts.

Also, when you go into the store be sure to see if any specific color tags are discounted. Usually the store will have price tags in a number of colors and certain ones will be on sale. For example, when you walk in you might see a sign that says Blue and Pink 50% off. That means that anything with those tags are 50% off that day. Sometimes the prices are written in china marker and will have a letter under the price to tell you what color the tag should be (ex: B for Blue). Some thrift stores also offer student and senior discounts.

Think of it as a treasure hunt and go in with an open mind. The possibilities are endless.

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