Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whirl-a-Style Review

I have incredibly long hair and trying to put it up and get it to stay can be such a hassle. Working in an office most of the time, my go to is a neat and tidy bun to keep my hair out of the way, but by the end of the day it is usually a mess. That's why I was very excited for the opportunity to review the Whirl-a-Style!

Now being completely honest, I have tried many gimmicky hair styling  products before and have had absolutely no luck with them. I ended up spending more time trying to figure out how to use the product than I saved. But that was not the case with the Whirl-a-Style and I would highly recommend this for girls who are looking for a simple, easy and stylish way to pull their hair up! This was no gimmick and once you get comfortable using it, it definitely works.

The concept of the Whirl-a-Style is simple. It is one flexible piece that has a slot in the middle for your hair and a clasp at the ends. The Whirl-a-Style also comes in different sizes to accommodate different hair lengths and comes in a variety of colors. My Whirl-a-Style was size jumbo large for my waist length hair and worked great. To use it, you slide your hair through the slot, roll the Whirl-a-Style upward wrapping your hair around it, and then clasp the ends together to create a well-formed bun.

It took me a few tries to get it right, and a look at their nifty instruction video, but once I got the hang of using it, the process was fast and super easy! On a side note, I found that if I gather my hair into a pony tail before using the Whirl-a-Style, it made it much easier to manage my long hair and kept my bun neat all day. I so wish I had this product when I used to take dance classes.

In addition to being able to create a polished bun, there are lots of other possibilities for how to use the Whirl-a-Style to create new and interesting looks. I haven't had the chance to try out many of them yet, but I definitely intend to. Also, if you go to the Whirl-a-Style website's Ask Zaina page and create a profile, the Zaina wizard will generate a style for you. I think my favorite part about this product is how versatile it is. It can be used to style looks for the professional office setting to dance class to a night on the town.

To find out more information about the Whirl-a-Style or to buy one to try you can shop online here or find a location near you that carries the Whirl-a-Style.

FTC Disclosure: This was not a paid post, but I did receive a Whirl-a-Style from the company for writing this review. All opinions are 100% my own, honest opinions about the product.

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