Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10: Fill Your Mailbox with Freebies!

Let's face it, companies want you to try their products and more so they want you to buy their products. This is why so many companies are willing to send you free samples (or in some cases full size versions) of their products. You can request freebies for anything from cleaning supplies and health and beauty samples to magazines, pet toys, and much more.

If you google "freebies" or "free stuff" you will be inundated with sites, but be careful about finding legitimate sources of samples. Here are a few of my favorite websites for finding freebies that I've used with great success:

Free Stuff Times
They make a huge effort here to only post legitimate deals and it is updated throughout the day as new finds come up and others expire. A great resource and the guy who runs it is great.

Freebie Depot
Updated almost every day with a roundup of freebies to be requested from around the web.

I found their ad in the back of a copy of Seventeen magazine when I was 12 or 13 and have gotten countless freebies I've found through them over the years. They tend to be geared toward a younger audience, but still some great finds.

Some others to check out are MySavings, Shop4Freebies, and the Free Stuff Forum at Fat Wallet

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