Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9: Comparison Shop

I know, I know it's so tempting to just buy everything at the same place. It's convenient, you're already there, and really how much would you save going to another store? Well on one thing here or there the savings might not be that much, but on big purchases or long shopping lists you may be able to save a bundle by comparison shopping before you head out! From groceries to electronics to that camisole you need to go under your work blazer, stores are competing for your business and often are competing to give you the best price.

Here's my how-to's for comparison shopping:

  • Start by making your shopping list. Whether it's groceries, a new DVD player, socks or a combination of all of the above.
  • Do your research BEFORE you head out.
    • Check out your weekly sale papers. These advertise the special deals and biggest discounts (or loss leaders).
    • Also be sure to check online! Most stores have sale ads on their websites or can at least give you a rough price comparison store to store.
    • There are also smart phone apps that will allow you to compare prices by scanning an item's barcode and seeing what other stores in the area are charging for the same item.
  • Make a plan. Plan out your shopping trip in advance. Make lists of what you will get at each store and know what order you will visit them in. I know when I go grocery shopping there are 5 different choices in my area. I don't visit them all every trip, but I do tend to go to two of them in order to save on my grocery bill. By planning your trip in advance you will save time and money in the long run. You can pop into each place, get what you need, and be on your way without wandering the aisles.
  • Pay attention when you're in the stores week to week. This especially applies to groceries. I try to keep track of what the prices are of my favorite items store to store so that I know when I am actually getting a good deal and where I should buy one.

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Michelle, TheCincyFrugalMama said...

I do shopping at Aldi's, Sams, Walmart, Meijers, Kroger, CVS and Walgreen's. That being said, they are all either within a mile of my house or right next to each other at a location about 5 miles away. I'm lucky, but, it makes it easier for the deals :)


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