Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11: Sign up for Stores' Electronic Circulars

Part of saving money, especially at the grocery store, is knowing what's actually going to be on sale once you get there. I don't know about you, but my sale papers tend to come in the mail midway through the sale cycle (if they come at all!) and by the time I get to the store there is only slim pickings left on the good deals.

One way to be ahead of the game with your grocery planning is to sign up for your local store's electronic newsletter or circular. You will get the week's deals delivered straight to your inbox the day they are released instead of having to wait for them to arrive in your mailbox or the Sunday paper. If you are worried about getting bombarded with emails, set up a second free email account just for this purpose. My favorite by far is Gmail so mine would be something like danasgroceries@gmail.com.

The same holds true for other stores. If you want to know their best deals sign up for their electronic sale alerts or newsletters. You will find out about the sales well in advance and be able to snag the best deals! Some website even let you watch certain items or you can set an alert for when things go on sale. Make use of these -- if you don't need the item asap it will save you in the long run!

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