Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: Eat Out During Lunch or Happy Hour

If you're a foodie (or just don't want to cook!), I'm sure you know how expensive eating out can be. The best time to eat out and save money is during lunch or happy hour. These are the times when restaurants offer the best specials and deals.

During lunch you will usually find meal deals. The entree, a side, and a drink for a reduced price. Some restaurants even do power lunches where you can be in and out with a great deal in 30 minutes. You may also find prices are a bit less than dinner. Some are our favorites at a local thai restaurant are $2 less at lunch than dinner and the portion size is the same! Lunch generally runs from 11am to 3pm at most restaurants, but be sure to check in advance if you're hitting the end of the window. On your way and not going to make it in time? Call ahead and put in your order before the menu changes over, they will usually still give you the lunch price!

During happy our drinks are usually at least half off and sometimes as little as $1 a glass. Appetizers are often also reduced (usually half price) and sometimes you will find entrees that are on special or a less pricey dinner menu.

A little bit here and there can definitely add up if you are frequent restaurant visitor.

My favorite happy hour treat? Black Pepper Chicken Spring Rolls from Ping Pong Dim Sum in DC's Chinatown. These are only $3 during happy hour, but have $100 worth of flavor in them. So delicious.

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